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Glovers on Coney Street

james aspinall

Hotham & Busby

Listed in the 1809 trade directory

Parsons and Blanchard

Listed in the 1809 trade directory

George and Michael Walker

Glovers York direc 1816-17 see below

Michael Walker Glove manu. 1810 Holden direc. Baines 1823 Pigot direc of 1829 has & Son. Then 1840
Whites direc

Walker and Howe

  1848 Slater direc & 1851 White direc Glove Manu.
Annie Howe (b 1825) aged 36 1861 Census wife Hosier & Glover
W Howe (on his own) 1851 Whites direc Glover & Hosier. Hosier 1861 Kelly Direc

Christopher Milward

Christopher A Milward b 1834 Hosier, Hatter & Shirt Maker J & T etc direc
1885-1902 previously at No 15 (1881) & No 20 (1861) in 1891 he was living in York
suburbs but working from Coney Street. (see No 15)

Christopher A Milward (see No 14) 1871 census & 1872 & 1876 J&T Direc.

No 20
 (see above) aged 27 Glover 1861 census

Thomas Tireman

apprentices were George Dale & William French 1785

Shoemakers Cordwainers, Boot and Shoemakers on Coney Street. The Cordwainers Guild in York


boot and shoemakers on coney street

John Basyngham 15th century

In lease records from the 1420’s listed as paying 12s a year for a shop with a room above in Coney Street

Valentine Freez ?-1540

Made Freeman of York in 1539

in 1533 he engineered the escape of the Protestant Andrew Hewet from the house of the Bishop of London. He was imprisoned by Bishop Rowland Lee the following year, and must have obtained his release through Cromwell’s favour returning to York. In 1539, described as a cordwainer, he attained the freedom of the city by patrimony, however in 1540 both he and his wife were hauled before the Council in the North as sacramentarians, members of the extremist sect which denied transubstantiation. Shortly afterwards, the pair ‘gave their lives at one stake in York for the testimony of Jesus Christ’. Independent evidence occurs in the York Register of Freemen opposite the name of Valentine ‘Frees’: combustus erat apud Knavesmire propter heresem. The pair probably suffered condemnation not by the church courts but by the Council in the North itself under the recent Six Articles.

Edmund Gill born apporox 1754-1830

Link to information about the Gill family

He was admitted a freeman in 1778 but is more famous as a minor poet. There is a various reference to his business in the York Courant of 25 June 1791 when he became a partner of Richard Willbar at 15 Coney Street. He took over the business on 30 May 1795 after the death of his partner. He is mentioned on 9 March 1803 and on 3 July 1824 when it was announced that James Torrance, together with William Darling, was taking over the business, still in Coney Street.
He was admitted as a freeman on 10 August 1778, first voting at the election of 1784 when he lived in the Great Shambles. He also voted in 1807, 1818 and 1820. He joined the council on 3 June 1806 as Common Councillor for Bootham Ward and in 1813/14 was Sheriff. He died on 21 January 1830 and was buried on 28 January at St Martin cum Gregory.

He is listed as Master to Thomas Etty Apprentice in 1805

George Duncan Prince

Freeman application 1820

Richard Gill 1781

Edmund Gill’s son. Listed as a freeman in 1802 and in the Electoral register in 1808 as being on Coney Street

Richard Wildboar

Listed in 1780 trade directory

Robert Popplewell

Listed in 1808 Election Register

William Barber

1810 Holden and york directory 1816-17

Listed in deeds register in 1794, possibly number 6 Coney Street

William H Dale

Listed at Number 2/3 in 1861 census & 1872 directories

John Todd

Listed at number 7 1851 White’s Directory

Roger and Thomas Thorn

Listed at number 14 in the 1851 Directory

George W Mountain

Age 50 shoemaker and journeyman listed at 14 in 1861 census

William Darling

Listed in Number 15 & number 21

William Darling b 1783 Boot & Shoe Maker 1840 White direc. 1841 census. 1851 census Master
employing 7 men. Slaters direc 1848. 1861 living in Coney Street retired. (see No 15)

His son
William Darling is listed on teh jewellers page

William Outhwaite

born 1818

number 18 master employing 6 men in 1861 census & 21
William Outhwaite (see No 18) 1861 Kellys Direc as Shoe & boot maker & 1872 & 1876 J&T Direc.
1871 census Bootmaker.
??Outhwaites Yard on 1871 Census

Richard Henry Coton

Richard Henry Coton (Cotton) b 1852 Bootmaker in 1881 census. (No one living at No 24 see below #). chard Henry Coton (see above No 21 #) Boot maker & manufacturer 1885 J&T direc – 1913 Kellys


Lawrence Brodell

No 38
 Boot & Shoe maker 1829 Pigots direc

William Glaisby

No 53
Ladies shoe & boot maker 1829 Pigot direc.

Henry Hudson

4 Judges Court
 Shoemaker Trade direc from 1876 – 1902.

Francis Moore

In 1741 poll book as Shoemaker

Thomas Wilton

In 1741 poll book as Shoemaker

John Midleton & Benjmin Dyson

listed as masters for William Gill in 1791

William Gill

indenture 1791 freeman claim 1801 was apprenticed as a carpenter though to Plane makers John Midelton and Benjamin Dyson