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34/36-42 Coney Street

34/36-42 Coney Street

Although this building is now split into 3, it’s possible this is recent, as the 19thc numbering system puts them as 34 & 33 Coney Street, to fit in with the Black Swan next door. (which is listed as 32 Coney Street in the trade directories)
There was also a yard behind 34, and business listed behind in Copley’s Court, as 34a as well as Blands Court. These are no longer accessible from Coney Street, the entrance appears to be the doorway between the 34 and 33. Current numbering puts this block as 36-42

From the  An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in City of York, Volume 5, Central

(135) Range of three houses, Nos. 36, 38, 40 (Fig. 74), of four storeys, was built shortly before the rebuilding of the adjacent Black Swan in 1790. All three have modern shops on the ground floor. No. 38 has a normal town-house plan, with a spacious staircase between front and back rooms, and No. 40 appears to be similar but the upper floors are now shut off. No. 36 is of greater depth, making use of a light-well, and in the late 19th century was joined to a complex of earlier buildings behind; these include a three-storeyed timber-framed structure probably built in the early 17th century but later cased with brickwork, and two small three-storey brick houses, one of them mid 18th-century, the other a little later.

1840 Dale Mrs Ellen, 

1851 Marsh James, pianoforte and music warehouse 

1861 Marsh James, pianoforte manufactr 

Smith George Henry, solicitor 

1872 Marsh James, pianoforte and music warehouse 

1876 Marsh James, pianoforte, harmonium, and music warehouse 

1885 Mason F. & J, portmanteau makers  

1886 Mason F. & J, portmanteau makers 

1889 Pearse and Co. tea dealers 

1893 Sinclair Robert, tobacconist 

Surveyor’s Office G. P. O. North-Eastern District (Wm. Sl. Kerswill, survyr) 

1895 Sinclair Robert, tobacco manfr 

Surveyor’s Office, G.P.O. Northeastern District, Wm, Samuel Kerswill, surveyor Buxton Thomas 

1898 Sinclair, Robert, tobacconist and cigar importer 

G.P.O. surveyor’s office (North Eastern District) 

1900 Sinclair, Robert, tobacconist and cigar merchant 

Catholic Association-C. H. Angas, sec. 

Husband, Joseph, caretaker 

1902 Sinclair, Robert, tobacconist and cigar merchant 

Catholic Association – C. H. Angas, sec. 

Husband, Joseph, caretaker 

1905 Sinclair Robert, tobacconist 

1913 Robert Sinclair Tobacco Co. Limited,tobacconists 

1921 Robert Sinclair Tobacco Co. Limited, tobacconists 

1929  Gray Duncan B.& Partners, auctioneers &c 

Boulton R.S. Ltd. tobccnsts 

Robert Sinclair Tobacco Co. Ltd. who. tobccnsts