Crafting The Past
47/12 coney street york

47/12 coney street york

No 46 and 47 are built on the site of the Leopard Inn, which existed on Coney Street until 1923, when it was demolished and the Leopard Arcade built. This was destroyed in 1942 during an air raid hit the street

There was a passageway leading behind known as Leopard lane, this housed a bagnio or Turkish bath on Leopard Lane, a baroque structure built in 1691/ In the late 17th century, bathing in steam rooms had become popular. By the 1740s, the bathhouses had gained a more unsavoury reputation, several operating as brothels.By this time, however, the bagnio had become St Peter’s School which occupied the premises from 1730 until 1735.

By 1738, it was a printing house which Anne Ward inherited in 1759. The first two volumes of Laurence Sterne’s Tristram Shandy were printed there (and sold at No. 35 Stonegate). When Anne moved across the road the building was used by a number of other small businesses

In 1924, the building was demolished when the arcade was built.

1810 Leopard Tavern Robert Reeve; 

1823 Tavern Leopard, Jane Reeve  

1818 Leopard Tavern, Jane Reeve

1829 Roberts Thos. sedan owner, court 47 Coney street 

1829 Leopard, Eliz. Rhodes

Printers, (See Booksellers & Newspapers also) Johnson Rt, ct 47 Coney St; h 8 Blossom St  

1840 Leopard, Johnson Robert

Berlin Depots, Fancy Worsted, Wool &c.Currie Catherine,

1850 Davis John, dyer 

Wilkinson Mrs Jane, milliner 

Horsley Marmaduke, Leopard Inn 

Craven Mrs Mary Ann, confectioner 

1861 Johnson Robert, auctioneer 

Leopard, William Foster 

1872 Davis John, dyer 

 1876 Davis John Witmore, dyer 

Horsley Marmaduke, Leopard 

Wilkinson Mrs Jane, milliner 

Craven Mrs Mary Ann, confection

1885 J. T. Leopard Inn 

Deighton J. & Co. Corkwood Works, (Leopard yard) 

Robinson Chas. Ed. fancy draper and hosier 

1886 directory J. T. Leopard Inn 

Deighton J. & Co. Corkwood Works, (Leopard yard 

Robinson Chas. Ed. fancy draper and hosier 

1889 Thompson, J. R tailor 

1893 Leopard P.H. Robt. Lawson 

Johnson Brothers, dyers 

1895 Johnson Bron. dyers & cleaners 

Smithson Mrs. A. registry office for servants 

1898 Johnson Bros., dyers and cleaners 

1900 Johnson Bros., dyers and cleaners 

 Johnson Bros., dyers and cleaners  



Gill Thomas, joiner &c 

Gill John Henry, bookbinder 

1895 Leopard Inn yard- 

Gill Thos. joiner undertaker 

Gill John Hery, printer & book binder 

1898 Mightom & Cox, joiners and undertakers 

Gill, John Henry, bookbinder and printer 

Leopard Inn-John H. Gill


Mightom & Cox, joiners and undertakrs 

Gill, John Hy., bookbinder and printer 

Leopard Inn-John H. Gill 

1905 City Umbrella Stores 

1913 Sayle John Hy.fancy drapr 

Sayle John Hy.fancy drapr 

1920 Grantham, Hubert 

1921 Grantham Hubert & Co. outfitters