Crafting The Past
17/29-31 Coney Street

17/29-31 Coney Street

From the  An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in City of York, Volume 5, Central

(144) Houses, Nos. 29, 31, of three storeys and attics, were built in the late 16th or early 17th century as a three-bay timber-framed range parallel to the street. A large chimney against the rear wall may be contemporary or a little later; beside it, a staircase was added in the early 18th century and a brick extension behind may be of the same date. In the late 18th or early 19th century the original jettied upper floors of the front elevation were cut back and a new wall built in brick, which is now rendered and has several sash windows and modern shop fronts. Inside, the timber framing is mostly obscured but there are cased transverse and spine-beams on all floors; part of a beam exposed on the ground floor is chamfered, with run-out stops, and on the first floor of No. 29 beams have 17th-century plaster casings decorated with vine trails. There are few old fittings except, between the second floor and the attic, the remaining part of the early 18th-century stair; it has turned balusters on two flights and splat balusters on the third.

Behind No. 31 is an early 19th-century three-storey block, built of brick and with sash windows, forming a separate tenement known as No. 29a.




1823 Cooke Joseph, straw hat manufacturer and furrier,

1829 China, Glass & Earthenware Dealers, Brameld & Co
Turners in Wood Stead Peter Young

1840 Saddler Mason Ann,
Kay Joseph, soda water, &c. manufacturer;
ct 17 Coney street
Stead Peter Young,
ct 17 Coney st
Attorney Blanchard & Richardson, 17 Coney
Insurance Country Fire & Provident Life, Blanchard & Richardson,
ct 17 Coney st 

1851 Saddler Mason Ann,
Listed on census *
John Patrick Saddler*

John William, confectioner
Leeman, Wilkinson, and Leeman, solicitors
Building Society’s Offices; Agar Joseph, secretary 

1870 Groves William trimming warehouse

1872  Trifitt John William, confectioner
Leeman, Wilkinson, and Leeman, solicitors
Ebor Building Socicty’s Offices; Agar Joseph, secretary
Groves William, trimming warehouse

1876 Howlden Mrs Ann Maria, Berlin wool repository
Leeman, Wilkinson, & Leeman, solicitors 
Wilkinson Joseph, town clerk and clerk of the peace for the City; deputy clerk of the peace for the East Riding
Ebor Building Society’s offices -Secretary, Frederick James Broomhead 
Triffitt John Wm., confectioner 

1885 Triffitt Sarah Ann, Confectioner 

1886 Triffitt Sarah Ann, confectioner 

1889 Crummack, Samuel Geo, milliner 

1893 Crummack Samuel George, fancy draper &c 

1895 Siltberg Enoch, watch maker

1898 Siltberg, E., jeweller and diamond merchant 

1900 Stanhope, E. S. & Co., jewellers and diamond merchants 

1902 Stanhope, E. S. & Co., jewellers and diamond merchants 

1905 Stanhope E. S. & Co. watchmakers &c 

1913 Stanhope E. S. & Co. watch makers &c 

1920 Stanhope, John Enoch 

1921 Stanhope E. S. & Co. watch makers &c  

1929 Barratt W, & Co. Ltd. boot wareho