Crafting The Past

The 1795 Water Rates, helps position some of the businesses in the trade directory in their relevant buildings.

The records run the opposite way around from the St Helen’s Square side round to the Mansion House. This was initially confusing until we were able to pinpoint names we’d previously confirmed in buildings.
We will now run these alongside the earlier viewed deed records, so we may be able to get a fuller picture of the street. We don’t know however whether the bills are for landlords, tenants and in buildings of multiple use on several floors they are all billed separately


Mr Roebuck
Mr Sanderson
Mr Dawson Farrier ?
Mr Wilkinson
Mr Baker
Mr Clubley
Mr Dawson
Mr George Brookbank
Mr Walker
Mr Brookbank 4 Servants
Mr Machin Wilson
Mr Russell (this maybe Leopard Yard in the old Bagnio)
Mr Crompton
Mr Allen and Servant
Mr Bealby
Mr Flower
Mr Rids ?
Mr Richardson
Mr Peckitt Hadden
Mr Champney
Mr Croft ( our building)
Mr Elwick’s Servant

Mr Batty
Mr Clifton
Mr Woodley
Mr Aston
Mr Woolley
Mr Townsend
Mr Townsend
Mr Batty (this is likely to be the Black Swan)
Mr Barber (this is likely to be the Black Swan stables)
Mr Blanshard
Mr Beckwith
Mr Lonsdale
Mr Harrison
Mr Coates
Mr Jones
Mr Hampston (this is likely to be 25)
Mr Prince (this is likely to be 25)
Mr Bishoprick
Mr Ferrand
Mr Busby
Mr Prince
Mr Yeoman

Mr Townsend
Mr Cole
Mr Cole and ?
Mr Shaw
Mr Wilbor Gill
Mr Pridgin
Mr Heber
Mr Erskine
Mr Winn (this will be the George Inn)
Mr Peacock (This will be the newspaper)
Mr Walker ( Glover listed later at 11)
Mr Braithwaite
Parish Tenements
Mr Robinson
Mr Bagshaw
Mr Forest
Mr ?
Mr Doughty servant ( number 6)
Mr Doughty ( number 6)
Mr Sinclair
Mr Siddall
Mr Rhodes