Crafting The Past

During our research we have come across names of building owners on the street.
Some are listed in the deed records others are just mentioned in passing in other documents, along with properties elsewhere in York

We will list them here, along with any association for reference

Ambrose Beckwith Jeweller and Goldsmith is listed as taking on Mr Baker’s property in 1748, unsure which this might be, although a James Baker is listed as owner of number 6 in deed records with Joseph Doughty

Robert Deanome goldsmith free 1559. goldsmith of london with john skofield stationer of york, both married to daughters of alderman william holme of york, deceased, claimed rights to the toll of the malt market in coney street, granted to their late father in law. Surrendered to lord mayor was paid £6 13s 4d plus 13s 4d for his charges from london and york. skofield paid 13s 4d.

Malt Market:- In the 16th century the malt market was held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, near St. Martin’s Church in Coney Street; the hours of sale to citizens and foreigners were regulated and a bell rung to announce its opening.  It was permissible for malt to be brought into the city on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays if it had already been sold. For a long period the tolls of the malt market were leased together with those of the corn market.

Sir John Gilliot/Gyllyot. merchant and goldsmith eldest son of John Gyllyot merchant and mayor in 1464 and 1474 and wife Joan. Free 1481, listed as Johannes in records
Admitted with wife Katherine into Mercers Guild in 1480, member of corpus christi guild 1481. chamberlain 1482, sheriff 1484/5 master merchant adventurers 1485/6 alderman 1487. mp for york 1487. 2nd wife maude daughter of sir henry vasour of haslewood admitted to crpus cgristi 1489. mayor 1490 and 1503. knight of the bath 1500/1. owner of land and tenements in all saints, pavement, st mary, castlegate, coney street, stonegate. fossgate, coppergate, middle water lane, tenement in monkgate, 2 tenements in fishergate, 2 in holy trinity kings court. garths in st john hungate and 5 tenements in stonebow. died 22 feb 1509

Martin Soza free 1530 from Saphire in Spain, naturalised. lived in Stonegate with  wife Ellen. died 1560 buried in york minster. properties in petergate, stonegate and coney street