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Tailors on coney street york, research project from fabrication looking at the craftsmen and women using the merchant taylors archives

Taylors on Coney Street


Edward Fisshe

He is listed as a Taylor, owning 2 messuages in Coney Street, 1 in Stonegate and 1 in Monkgate. We are unsure which he lived in or rented out

John Newland ?-1442

John Newland is mentioned in will records as having bequeathed to his wife life interest in the rents of a property in Coney Street of 8s 4d. On her death it was to be included in his other tenements and holdings. There is no record of who was living there at the time

Nichola Baxter

Mentioned in the pageant station maps in 1508 at station 8 paid 5s along with Johanni Batemen notary, and 1520 at station 6 with Thomas Parker Alderman paid 10d

Thomas Heslington

Mentioned in Church rental records in 1581

17th Century Taylors

Ralph Tayler

A Ralph Tayler in the 1671 Hearth Tax, and the Merchant Taylors Archive

Tayler Ralph son of John T. late of Sawton [?Salton], co.Yorks, grassman, app. for 7 yrs to John Screwton of York, tailor, 29 June 1627 (App.1, f.63r); searcher 1656-7, 1659-60, 1662-3 (Al, ff.107r, 110r, 114r; Ml, ff.60r, 63r, 73r, 76r, 85r, 87r); warden 1670-2 (Ml, ff.119r, 123r, 128r

William Dixon

There is a William Dixon listed in the 1671 hearth tax as well as the Merchant Taylors Archives, as below who know ?

son of Thomas D. of Middlethorpe, co.Yorks, husbandman, app. for 7 yrs to Henry Stubbes of York, 1 May 1638 (App.1, f.92v); abled mt 7 June 1647 (Al, f.97r); searcher 1666-7, 1674-5 (A2, f.10r; Ml, ff.105r, 108r, 137r, 140r)

Richard Mason

There is a Richard Mason showing in the 1671 Hearth Tax and in the Merchant Taylors Archives as below, same person ?

Richard son of Thomas M. of York, beer brewer, app. for 7 yrs to Joseph Swailes, 2 Feb. 1645/6 (App.1, f.104v); abled mt 29 Jan. 1652/3 (Al, f.103r); chamberlain 1657-8 (M1, ff.63r, 68r); Master 1659-60, 1675-6 (draper) (Al, f.110r; A2, f.12r; Ml, ff.73r, 76r, 141r, 144r); warden 1667-9, 1682-4 (M1, ff.109r, 112r, 115r; M2, ff.10r, 13r, 19r)

Robert Horsefield

In the Hearth tax register of 1671 a Robert Horsefield is listed
There is also a Robert Horsefield listed in The Merchant Lists, as below who could be the same person. However we can’t confirm this
son of Thomas H. of Hemsworth, co.Yorks, yeoman, deceased, app. for 7 yrs to Marmaduke Jefferson, tailor, 20 Sept. 1654 (App.1, f.122v); abled mt 27 May 1662 (Al, f.112v); warden 1666, 1683-4 (MI, f.103r; M2, ff.14r, 21r); Master 1666-7, 1680-1, 1693-4 (Al, ff.20r, 39r; Ml, ff.105r, 108r; M2,, 4r, 65v, 67r)

Robery Battersby

In the 1671 Hearth tax for Coney Street a Robert Battersby is listed

In the Merchant Taylor Archive a John Battersby is listed as below, which may be the same perso
Bautersby son of John B. of Hartley in Westmorland, husbandman, deceased, app. for 8 yrs to William Thompson, tailor, 12 Aug.

1651 (App.1, f.115r); abled mt 27 Feb. 1664/5 (A2,; searcher 1680-1, 1688-9, 1692-3 (A2,f.30r; M2,, 4r, 42r, 45r, 60r, 62r); warden 1694-5 (M2, ff.67r, 72v); Master 1696-7 (A2, f.43r; M2, ff.79r, 82r); warden 1703-5 (M2, ff.110r, 113v, 118r)

John Yeates

A John Yeates
is listed in the 1671 hearth Tax and the Merchant Taylors Archives as below, no idea if same person

John abled mt 6 Dec. 1664 (A2, fir)

Thomas Dalkin

There is a Thomas Dalkin listed in the Merchant Taylors Archives abled mt 23 June 1681 (A2, f.20r)as well as the 1671 Hearth tax records

Joseph Render

Robert Cole

son of Richard C., deceased, app. for 7 yrs to Richard Brigham, 28 Aug. 1698 (App.1, f.183r); abled mt 20 Jan. 1708/9 (A2, f.63r)

In 1741 poll book as Taylor

William Harrison

listed in the Merchant Taylors archives son of William H. of York, labourer, app. for 8 yrs to Thomas Dennison of York, mt, 1 July 1690 (App.1, f.172v); abled mt 13 March 1703/4 (A2, f.51r); searcher 1724-5 (M3, ff.83r, 86r) can’t confirm this is the same William Harrison

In 1741 poll book as Taylor

Listed in window tax records in 1776

John Cole

abled mt 19 May 1742 (A2, f.105r); searcher 1744-5, 1750- 1, 1753-4 (M4, ff.41r, 44r, 67v, 72r, 83r, 86r); warden 1755-6, 1759-60 (M4, ff.88r, 94r, 107r, 110r); Master 1758-9 (A3, f.13r; M4, ff.103r, 106r)

In 1741 poll book as Taylor

Listed in 1753, 1754 & 1755 Window Tax Records

Coyners Metcalfe

son of George M. late of Ripon, co.Yorks, yeoman, app. for 7 yrs to Valentine Stephenson of York, mt, 19 Sept. 1724 (App.1, f.225r); abled mt 14 May 1740 (A2, f.102r); searcher 1745-6, 1751-2, 1754-5 (M4, ff.45r, 48r, 73r, 76r, 87r, 90r); warden 1755-6 (M4, ff.91r, 94r); died 1756 (M4, f.95v) abled mtIn

1741 poll book as Taylor

18th century Taylors scissors image by Rubbish Seaside

18th Century Taylors

Robert Rhodes 1776

Mayor from 1808-1809

William Siddall

mayor from 1793-1794

Bill to Hotham Hall estate

adm to the Merchant Taylors. mt 21 Feb. 1759 (A3, f.13r); searcher 1759 (M4, f.106v); warden 1765 (M4, f..130v)

Frederic Mallatrratt

John Hollins

Thomas Wright 1793

William Brocklebank

Merchant Taylors Records abled mt 29 Nov. 1706 (A2, ff.59r, 60r)

In 1741 poll book as Sexton and Taylor

Charles Cole

Listed in the 1784 York Guide as Taylor

Joseph Harrison

listed in 1784 York Guide as a breeches maker

19th Century Taylors

Edward Willoughby Rhodes

indentured 1796 to his father Robert Rhodes

Thomas Wright 1823

sculptors 8 Coney Street

George Nicholson

Registered in Pigots 1829 directory as tailor & robe maker at 13 coney street

William Nicholson 1844

(1817 – 1905)[1] was an early photographer based in York.

Portrait of William Pumphrey by John Ward Knowles in York Art Gallery

Pumphrey was a Quaker and started out as a science teacher at Bootham School,[2] York. He bought his licence from Samuel Walker, York’s first practising photographer, in July 1849, and ran his business there until 1854. Throughout this time he frequently lectured on scientific and kindred subjects; indeed, he continued to lecture – including to Bootham boys – even after taking up his post as superintendent of a private lunatic asylum in York. He was fond of travel, bringing home many photographs of the scenery of Switzerland and elsewhere, which he took pleasure in showing to his friends with the magic lantern.

In 1866 he organised an exhibition of Yorkshire Fine Art and Industry, in the grounds of Bootham Park Hospital, in which he entered two revolving stereoscopes, each containing 50 of his stereo views

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Robert Anderson 1803

There were three generations of Robert Andersons who worked as tailors in York.
Robert William Anderson was born in 1803. His son Robert Anderson was born in 1839. His son, Robert Walter Anderson, was born in 1869. He also had a son named Robert W. Anderson who was 15 in 1911
The first Robert William Anderson (b. 1803) was working as a woollen draper and tailor in 1851. By 1855, he had set up his own business on Coney Street, and by 1861, he employed 32 men in his business.
His son, the second Robert Anderson (b.1839), followed in his father’s footsteps. He was working as a tailor in 1861, and by 1881, he was a merchant tailor and had joined his father at his Coney Street business, which was Robert Anderson & Sons that year. Robert Walter Anderson was born in 1869, the son of Robert Anderson and his wife, Isabelle. By 1891, he had followed his father and grandfather into their trade and was working as a tailor, presumably for the family firm. By 1920, he had taken over the family business, which was still located on Coney Street.An advert for the firm in 1909 shows that firm was a ‘high class tailors, practical shirt-makers, hatters and hosiers, and military and hunt outfitters’. The firm proclaimed that it was under Royal patronage and was the outfitter for the East Riding of Yorkshire Infantry.By 1929, the firm had expanded, having premises at two locations on Coney Street – the original one at No 15 and another at No 33. In 1969, the firm moved to No 13 Blake Street and was still there in 1975, when it’s primary trade was as a men’s wear shop.
There is more information On Robert Anderson and Co in the Archives at
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Richard Evers 1798-1871

Richard was a tailor who was initially apprenticed to his father and subsequently became a Partner in the firm of Evers and Anderson in Coney Street.He was noted for his benevolence to many charities.He was a Director of York Gas Company and was Master of the Merchant Tailors Company in 1835 and 1850. he was also a member of York philosophical Society. On 9 October 1860 he laid the foundation stone for the ill-fated Lendal Bridge designed by William Dredge. It collapsed into the river during construction on 27 September 1861 killing several workmen, some of whom are also buried in York Cemetery. Dredge’s services were dispensed with and a new bridge, designed by Thomas Page, was erected in its stead. Richard died on 12 May 1871, aged 72, leaving Effects of under £16,000. His funeral service was held in York Minster and the Great Peter bell was tolled in mourning

Edmund Render

sculptors 8 Coney Street

Edmund Nicholson 1811

CHAS OLLEY 29 CONEY STREET 1885 - 1891 .

Chas Olley is shown as listed in the following directories 1885 York Directory at 29 Coney Street, as a Tailor 1886 Directory of York at 29 Coney Street, as a Tailor 1889 Wells Directory at 29 Coney Street, showing as C P Olley as a tailoret

LEWIS SCULSKY 1921 – 1929 34 Coney Street

sculptors 8 Coney Street

Joseph Davies

Registered in Baines directory 1823, at 21 Coney street, Tailor – naval & military

Albany Atkinson

Charles Cole

apprenticed to father john cole Taylor, freeman claim 1777