Crafting The Past

In 1335, a row of houses were built in the churchyard of St Martin; almost entirely rebuilt on several occasions, the last remains survived until 1958. They were built by Robert Fitzgiles but unsure as to whether he lived on Coney Street himslef
We have added the early rental records here along with the deed and rental records of the Church holdings in subsections

Details from An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in City of York, Volume 5, Central

(139) Row of Houses, No. 11, of which fragmentary remains survived until 1958, was built in the churchyard of St. Martin in 1335 by Robert, son of Giles, carpenter, for Thomas de Ludham, vicar. The original contract, preserved in the Minster Library, is published in Salzman, 430–2. The houses were damaged by fire and largely remodelled in the early 17th century, and further alteration took place in the 19th century.

Parts of five main posts and a few joists of the original row survived into the 20th century, enough to substantiate the layout as described in the contract. Before the 17th-century alterations, the houses stood 3 ft. from the N. wall of the church and were jettied on the N. front facing St. Martin’s Lane. There was a house occupying two bays at the E. end and six smaller houses of one bay each, forming a range 100 ft. long. In the 17th century the building was widened to the S., blocking all the openings in the N. wall of the church. Demolished

1851 John Todd Cordwainer
william Peters Lettter carrier
James Scott stonemason *vicarage House lodgings
Church Yard House
Robert Anderson Woollen Draper & Tailor;
*John Stead Cabinet Maker, *Peter Stead Wood Turner

Rev. Major Iider Bresher, rector  Anderson Robert William, tailor  Buckley Thomas, lodging house

1876   St. Martin’s Church   Bresher Rev Major Rider, M.A., vicar of St. Martin’s
St Martin’s School Master, Rev. M.R. Dresher, M.A.

1885  St Martin’s Church
St Martin’s Churchyard.
York Herald printing works
Gill Thos. joiner
Alms houses for 5 poor people

1886 St. Martin’s church
St Martin’s Churchyard.
York Herald printing works
Gill Thos. joiner
Alms houses for 6 poor people

1889 St. Martin-le-Grand Church
Johnson, Henry, church verger
Garnett, Mrs. charwoman
Whittaker, Mrs. seamstress
Richardson, Mrs.and Miss

1895 MARTIN’S CHURCH, Rev. Canon Richard Beverley Machell M.A. vicar
Yorkshire Herald Jobbing Office
Laycock George, verger

1898 MARTIN’S CHURCH   Machell, Rev. Canon Richard Beverley, vicar of St. Martin’s   “Herald ” Printing Works   Laycock, George, church verger and sexton
Brown, Mrs. C.
Emmerson, Mrs.
Whittaker, Mrs., seamstress   Richardson, Miss
Botterill, Miss

1902 St. MARTIN’S CHURCH  Trundle, Rev, Geo, vicar of St. Martin’s
“Herald” Printing Works  Emmerson, Arthur
Baldock, Robert, verger
Brown, Mrs. C.
Whittaker, Mrs., seamstress  Richardson, Miss
Botterill, Miss

1913 ST.MARTIN LE GRANDCHCH Trundle Rev. George M. A. (St. Martin’s vicarage)
Baldock Robert, sexton of St. Martin-le-Grand

Bell Rev. Canon Charles Carlyle (St. Martin’s vicarage)
Perry Linus Jonathan, sexton of St. Martin-le-Grand

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