Crafting The Past

Pre 1823 the trade directories don’t have numbers listed. The following companies are listed on Coney Street in the York directories from 1781-1816


York directory 1781

baker john glass warehouse 
clubey francis grocer & confectioner 
crompton ewbank and co bankers (mention of possible in 44 need to check) 
Erskine and Metcalf sadlers 
hampton and prince silversmiths 
jackman james George Inn 
plat james painter 
raper towend and woolly attornies 
siddle Rhodes & co mercers woollen drapers and taylors (William siddall Robert Rhodes) 
sinclair robert esq 
(henry sotheran st helen’s square bookseller & brandy merchant) 

Stavely mr carver & gilder 
terry Robert grocer 
ward ann printing office 
wildboar Richard shoemaker 

York Guide 1784

Alderman William Siddal ), Eſq ; Coney- ſtreet 
George Townend, Eſq; Coney-ſtreet 

Allen George, Breeches-Maker, Coney –ſtreet 
Baker James , Proctor and Glaſs– Dealer, Coney ſtreet 
Barber John , Toyman, Coney – ftreet 
Batty Robert , Peruke-Maker, Coney –ſtreet 
Battie Ambroſe, Black Swan Inn , Coney –ſtreet 
Bealby Peter, Baker , Coney –ſtreet 
Bell Edward , Brewer , Coney – ftreet 
Biſhoprick Robert, Surgeon, Coney – itreet 
Blakley Robert, Carver, Coney –ſtreet 
Blanchard William , Printer and Publiſher of the York Chronicle, Coney ftreet 
Braithwaite Thomas, Fruiterer , Coney – ſtreet 
Briggs William , Timber-Merchant, Coney –ſtreet 
Brown Peter, Peruke- Maker, Coney – treet 
Brown and Sanderſon, Sadler’s, Coney –ſtreet 
Clubley Fr. Grocer and Confectioner , Coney – itreet 
Cole Charles, Taylor , Coney – Street 
Croft James and Martin , Plumber’s and Coney – ftreet 
Crompton and Co. Bankers, Coney-ſtreet 
Dawſon John, Farrier, Coney –ſtreet 
Dawfon Richard, Apothecary , Coney- ſtreet 
Erfkine Richmond, Sadler , Coney –ſtreet 
Gibſon George, Silk-Mercer, Coney –ſtreet 
Green John, ſen . Plane-Maker , Coney – ſtree 
Hamptonand Prince, Jewellers, Coney- ſtreet 
Harriſon Joſeph , Breeches -Maker, Coney- treet 
Harriſon William , Spirit -Merchant, and Surveyor  
Hothain ard Buſby, Glovers, Coney – ſtreet 
Jackſon George, Fruiterer, Coney –ſtreet 
Kettlewell & Co. Glovers and Hatters, Coney – ſtreet 
Lonſdale Robert , Joiner, Coney – ſtreet 
Prince William , Sadlers ’ Ironmonger, Coney – ſtreet 
Pyemont Wilfrid , Grocer, Coney –Street 
Robinſon Ann , Mantra-Maker, Coney. ftreet 
Robinſon Ann, Perfumer and Milliner, Coney. ftreet 
Robſon James, Linendraper, High –Oulegate 
Roebuck Matthias, Fruiterer, Coney.ſtrect. 
Siddall, Rhodes, and Co. Woollendrapers and Taylors,Coneyftrect 
Siddall William , olle &tor of Stamp -Duties for the Eaſt– Riding ofYorkſhire, änd Town and County of Kingſton upon Hull , Coney- ſtreet 
Sinclair Robert , Efq; Counſellor at Law , Coney ftreet 
Stavely and Co. Carvers and Gilders, Coney – ſtreet 
Stavely William , Limner , Coney- ſtreet 
Stochart Thomas, Tinplate Worker, Coney –ſtreet 
Thacker John, Silk- Dyer, Coney-ſtreet 
Tireman Thomas, Glover and Hoſier, Coney- ftreet 
Townend and Wolley, Attornies,Coneyſtreet 
Ward ” Ann, Printer and Publiſher of the York Courant, Coney – ſtreet 
Willbor Richard , Cordwainer, Coney- ſtreet 
Wrigleſworth John , George Inn, Coney – ſtreet 
Yeoman Chriſtiana, Milliner, Coney –ſtreet

York directory 1809-11

Baker and browne wholesale confectioners 
beckworth john MD 
bickers and Sowerby milliners Bishoprick —- MD 
blanchard William & sons printers York chronicle 
brookbank john painter 
brookbank john cutler 
Brown Richard confectioner 
cattle and barber working jewellers, goldsmiths and watchmakers 
dancer SW haberdasher and perfumer 
davies peter cabinet maker 
doughty martha toy and Tunbridge turning manufacturer 
Earnshaw john cheese monger 
Erskine Richmond sadler 
Erskine john music seller 
Forbes Marg haberdasher & hosier 
Foster Robert teadealer 
Gill Edmund Boot and shoe maker 
Haden wm hatter 
Heber and smith silk dyers 
Hickman ——-glove manufacturer 
Horner —–surgeon dentist 
Hotham and Busby glovers 
Robert Jennings linen draper 
Knapton Samuel music seller 
peacock George York courant 
pyemont Wilfred grocer and confectioner 
roebuck math nursery and seedsman 
Sanderson William sadler 
shirwin Sarah dressmaker and milliner * check I added her to 1805 
Sinclair Robert esq recorder 
sotheran henry still st helen’s square 
Stephenson henry stay maker 
Surr Thomas glass and china warehouse 
thornton joseph druggist and chemist, oil and colour man 
wilkinson George hatter and hosier 
winn david George inn 
john Clark Black swan 
Raper and swann bank

York directory 1816-1817

Agar Thomas Attorney 
Robert Sinclair esq barrister
Thomas sotheram bookseller
Barber wm boot and shoemakers 
gill Edmund boot and shoemakers 
mclean john “”” 
stodhart thomas braziers and tinplate workers 
davies peter cabinet makers and upholsterers 
ferrand and Dodgson carvers and gilders 
watterworth Thomas cheesemonger 
Richard brown confectioner 
rawdon john cork cutter 
heber reginald dyer
Caesar peacock
albion fire office 
Midgley F seedsman 
George and Michael walker glovers 
hotham and busby glovers 
haden wlm hat manufacturer and dealer 
Wilson james “”””” 
bickers and Sowerby hosiers & milliners 
parsons and Blanchard “” & glovers 
Black swan james barber 
brookbank john ironmonger 
Watson john law stationers 
Jennings Robert linen drapers 
morgan Sarah milliners 
Knapton Samuel music sellers 
brookbank john painter 
ingram William  “” 
dancer sw perfumer and haberdasher 
parsons john perfumer 
tuke john          “”
Beckwith Stephen
Goldies GS                “” 
peacock Caesar printer York courant 
Erskine Richmond saddle and harness maker 
Sanderson wm           “” “” 
barber and whitwell silversmith and jeweller watch and clockmakers 
martha marshall          “””” & toymaker 
Aspinall James straw hat makers
Cooke Joseph 
hope wm surgeon 
foster Robert tea dealer and fruiterer 
judson wm trunk makers  
Hollins john tailor