Crafting The Past
51/6 Coney street

51/6 Coney Street

1829 Fishmongers, Baker Nathl (&game),

1829 Milliners & dressmakers, Ward Mary,
Painters, (Portrait, &c.) Fearnley Charles Newstead,

1840 Pumphrey William, Chaplin & Horne 
Sampson John  

1851 HeselwoodRobert, watchmaker 

1861 Whitehead Henry, harmonium maker  

1876 Heselwood Richard, watchmaker 

1885 Chapman Geo. watchmaker, jeweller and electro-plater 

1886 Chapman Geo. watchmaker, jeweller and electro-plater 

1889 Chapman, George, jeweller 

1893 Chapman George, watch maker & silversmith 

1895 Chapman George Norman, watch & clock maker 

1898 Chapman, G. Norman, jeweller, &c., North End House 

1900 Chapman, G. Norman, jeweller 

1902 Vacant 

1905 Penty Horace Seller, ironmonger 

1913 Grinstead Willian, umbrella manufacturers 

 1920 Grinstead. WIlliam 

51A Dixon, James 

1921 Grinstead William, umbrella manufacturers
Lambert Miss Amy, servants’ registry office

1929 Ensign Umbrellas Ltd.umbrella manufacturers
51A, Grantham
Regnld dentist 5IA, Battrick Mrs. Mabel, costumier
Eshelly Miss Doris, ladies’ outfitter 

Jeweller and Watchmaker Coney Street York