Crafting The Past
52/4 coney street

52/4 Coney Street

1823 Milliners and Dress Makers Walker Elizabeth Walker Sarah 

1829 Poulterers, (See also Carriers), Brown Ann, 52 Coney St 

1851 Charles Davies Booksellers Assistant  

Hudson Mrs Sarah, milliner 

1861 Peters John, druggist 

1876 Smith Samuel, tailor & woollen draper 

1885 Dennis F. G. hosier & glover 

1886 Dennis F. G. hosier & glover 

1889 Dennis F. G. W. hosier and glover 

1893 Walton Brothers, hosiers, hatters &c 


1895 Walton Bros. hosiers & hatters, Walton A. H, Walton E.R 

1898 Walton Bros., hatters, hosiers, and glovers 

1900 Glass & Farrar, ladies’ and gent’s outfitters and fancy drapers, see advt. 

Glass, Richard (G. & Farrar) 

Farrar, William Arthur (Glass & F.) 

1902 Glass, Richard, ladies’ and gent’s outfitters and fancy drapers 

1905 Glass & Farrar, outfitters 

1913 Glass Richard, hosier 

1921 Nobbs Chas, stationer &e  

1929 Guerri Andrew, ladies’ hairdrssr